Online Application

Please note that the online application process is not for postgraduate students (i.e. BTech, Honours, Masters etc.)

You need to complete all the required fields. Note that your initial(s), name(s) and surname must correspond with the information in your identity document and the documents you need to submit. An official document needs to be submitted in cases where it differs such as a marriage certificate or proof from the Department of Home Affairs that changes have been approved/requested.

If you started with your online application but did not submit it, kindly login to continue with the process.

What you will need:
  • A valid SA ID number or passport number;
  • To know what your postal code is;
  • Access to an e–mail address;
  • Access to a scanner and/or;
  • Access to a fax machine and/or;
  • Access to a printer (if you are younger than 18 or unemployed);

Have you
  • completed an application form (hard copy) and sent it to Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
  • have you previously enrolled at our institution or one of the pre–merger institutions? 
Yes  No